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    Range Rover 4.6 HSE
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    RANGE ROVER 4.6 HSE Parts & Accessories (last update 14/11/2016)

    This list is only an indication of the range of parts and accessories available. Please enquire should you be seeking non-listed items. Prices are subject to change.

    Air spring, front, Dunlop (REB101740)R1800(NEW)
    Air spring, rear, Dunlop (RKB101460)R1800(NEW)
    Centre portion, complete (2 pin)R3500(USED)
    Centre portion, complete (4 pin) P.O.A.R0(NEW)
    EAS compressor pump (ANR3731)R2500(USED)
    EAS compressor pump (ANR3731)R5500(NEW)
    Shock absorber, front, Britpart (STC3672)R400(NEW)
    Shock absorber, rear, Britpart (STC3671)R400(NEW)
    Steering damper, Britpart (ANR2640)R350(NEW)
    Valve block for sparesR250(USED)
    Wheel hub and bearing, front or rear Hub complete w/ side shaft (Sold complete for wheel bearing reqR500(USED)
    Wheel nut, 27mmR10(USED)
    Wheel rim, 16 inch, AlloyR500(USED)

    ABS accumulator, Wabco (STC2784)R2960(NEW)
    ABS modulatorR4000(USED)
    ABS pump, Wabco (STC 2783)R5000(USED)
    ABS pump, Wabco (STC 2783), BritpartR12000(NEW)
    Brake discs, front, vented Britpart (NTC8780)R400(NEW)
    Brake discs, rear, solid Britpart (SDB000470)R425(NEW)
    Brake pads, front, Delphi - Lockheed (SFP100480)R630(NEW)
    Brake pads, rear, Delphi - Lockheed (SFP100490)R520(NEW)
    Wheel sensors, ABSR100(USED)

    Bonnet gas strut, non-locking NO STOCKR250(NEW)
    Bumper, frontR2500(USED)
    Bumper, rearR1500(USED)
    Door glass eachR300(USED)
    Door handle insideR50(USED)
    Door handle outer (with lock barrel) RHS frontR200(USED)
    Door handle outer (without lock barrel) LHS front, rear & RHS rearR100(USED)
    Doorshell eachR500(USED)
    Fender, front R1000(USED)
    Headlamp, early, left or rightR800(USED)
    Headlamp, later, left or rightR1000(USED)
    Quarterlight, rear door, left or rightR200(USED)
    Range Rover letters, plastic, each R10(USED)
    Side fixed glass, rearR400(USED)
    Side mirror glass only, left or right, Britpart - When availableR250(NEW)
    Side mirror, black, left or rightR1000(USED)
    Side mirror, body colour specific, left or rightR1500(USED)
    Tailgate gas strut (ALR1050)R110(NEW)
    Tailgate, lowerR1000(USED)
    Tailgate, upperR2500(USED)
    Tailgate, upper, glass (damaged tailgate, complete glass)R1000(USED)
    Windscreen - SABS approved, tinted with black surround, non-heatedR900(NEW)

    Alternator 100AMP R500(USED)
    Blender motors, eachR250(USED)
    C.D. shuttle, early, originalR500(USED)
    Combination switch indicatorR350(USED)
    Door lock mechanism, driversR500(USED)
    E.C.U. A.B.S. POST 1999R1000(USED)
    E.C.U. A.B.S. PRE 1999R500(USED)
    E.C.U. engine 4.6l Bosch Thor *when availableR2500(USED)
    E.C.U. engine 4.6l Lucas GemsR1000(USED)
    E.C.U. suspension (RQT100040)R500(USED)
    E.C.U. transmission (AMR5496) HP24R500(USED)
    Fuel pump, earlyR800(USED)
    Fuel pump, laterR1000(USED)
    HEVAC (heater controls unit), not working, for sparesR250(USED)
    HEVAC (heater controls unit), workingR1500(USED)
    Indicator lens, corner, early (orange), front or rearR250(USED)
    Indicator lens, corner, later (clear), front or rear - when availableR500(USED)
    Indicator lens, tailgate rear, early (orange), left or right R150(USED)
    Indicator lens, tailgate rear, later (clear), left or right - when availableR450(USED)
    Main light switchR50(USED)
    Radio, originalR1000(USED)
    Switch, wiperR250(USED)
    Tailgate button release mechanismR150(USED)
    Window switch packR1000(USED)
    Window winder motor & regulatorR300(USED)
    Window winder regulator RHS front (motor R50 extra)R650(NEW)

    Air filter ESR341 (up to VIN TA & WA to WA385948)R80(NEW)
    Air filter ESR4238M (VIN VA & WA385949 on)R130(NEW)
    Auto box, Borg Warner HP 22 w/ torque convertorR7500(USED)
    Auto box, Borg Warner HP 24 w/ torque convertorR5500(USED)
    Engine: Lucas GEMS or Bosch Thor Price on askingR0(USED)
    Fuel filter, early model only (ESR4065)R50(NEW)
    Oil coolerR300(USED)
    Oil filter, (ERR3340M)R60(NEW)
    Radiator 4.6 HSE early or laterR800(USED)
    Radiator, early type (PCC106940)R2500(NEW)
    Radiator, later type (PCC106850)R3000(NEW)
    Transfer boxR3500(USED)

    Airbags, driver and passenger, eachR500(USED)
    Bonnet release handle (plus cable)R150(USED)
    Door panelR100(USED)
    Floor mat set, front R250(USED)
    Floor mat set, front, Britpart NO STOCKR500(NEW)
    Floor mat set, rear R150(USED)
    Parcel shelf - when availableR500(USED)
    Pollen filter, pair, Britpart (2 x BTR8037)R180(NEW)
    Roof liningR100(USED)

    Tow bar complete, original equipmentR500(USED)
    Wheel chock (ANR3052)R10(NEW)
    Wheel spanner, heavy duty, 27mmR100(NEW)

    Air filter ESR341 (up to VIN TA & WA to WA385948)R80(NEW)
    Air filter ESR4238M (VIN VA & WA385949 on)R130(NEW)
    Bosch Thor engine: Air (ESR4238), Oil and 2 x Pollen filterR380(NEW)
    Lucas GEMS engine: Air (ESR341), Oil, Pollen (x2) and Fuel filterR380(NEW)