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    RANGE ROVER CLASSIC Parts & Accessories (last update 14/11/2016)

    This list is only an indication of the range of parts and accessories available. Please enquire should you be seeking non-listed items. Prices are subject to change.

    Axle ball joint (ANR1799G) O.E.M.R500(NEW)
    Axle casing only, front or rearR150(USED)
    Axle front chrome ballR100(USED)
    Axle front chrome ball sealR35(NEW)
    Axle front CV joint earlyR200(USED)
    Axle front CV joint, early (606665)R650(NEW)
    Centre portions (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY)R3500(USED)
    Hub seal O.E.M.R70(NEW)
    Panhard rodR100(USED)
    Propshaft rubber bootR30(NEW)
    Radius armR150(USED)
    Rim, original Rostyle, 16 inchR150(USED)
    Shock absorber, front (STC3769)R400(NEW)
    Shock absorber, rear (STC3771)R400(NEW)
    Shock mount, front and rearR50(NEW)
    Side shaft long frontR200(USED)
    Side shaft rear, long and shortR200(USED)
    Side shaft short front (high demand item)R400(USED)
    Steering damper (STC786)R350(NEW)
    Stub axleR50(USED)
    Trailing linkR150(USED)
    Wheel nut, steel rim R5(NEW)
    Wheel nut, vogue rim (NRC 7415)R40(NEW)

    Brake booster, earlyR800(USED)
    Brake caliperR200(USED)
    Brake disc front early, Britpart (571762)R300(NEW)
    Brake disc rear early, Britpart (571912)R250(NEW)
    Brake master cylinder, with bottle, earlyR1500(NEW)
    Brake master cylinder, with bottle, earlyR350(USED)
    Brake pads with clips, frontR450(NEW)
    Brake pads with clips, rear R400(NEW)
    Brake pressure regulator, rear brakesR100(USED)
    Caliper piston (606683)R60(NEW)
    Caliper seal kit (AEU1547)R60(NEW)
    Flexible pipes front (NRC2209)R70(NEW)
    Flexible pipes rear (598973)R70(NEW)

    Bonnet (very high demand item, waiting list)R800(USED)
    Bonnet and tailgate vinyl stickers, black or silver R100(NEW)
    Bumper ends wrap around plastic, front (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY)R450(NEW)
    Bumper rear corner, steel (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY)R50(USED)
    Chassis, bare, no papersR500(USED)
    Door handle, outer, 4-door, eachR100(USED)
    Door handles, inner, variousR50(USED)
    Door shell, 2 doorR400(USED)
    Door shell, 4 door R500(USED)
    Fender, front or rear outerR400(USED)
    Fender, inner, frontR200(USED)
    Fender, rear, corner panelR150(USED)
    Filler cap, Britpart (598820) (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY)R500(NEW)
    Fuel tank, no sender unit, earlyR500(USED)
    Glass, quarter light with steel frameR150(USED)
    Glass, side, 2-doorR50(USED)
    Glass, side, 4-doorR100(USED)
    Head restR30(USED)
    Headlamp surroundsR50(USED)
    Interior light lense, Britpart (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY)R150(NEW)
    Light cluster, backing plate, early and laterR30(USED)
    Light lense rear, laterR650(NEW)
    Light lense side reflector, laterR350(NEW)
    Radiator grilleR100(USED)
    Range Rover letters, plastic, each R10(USED)
    Tailgate gas strut, BritpartR110(NEW)
    Tailgate lowerR600(USED)
    Tailgate upper (high demand item, waiting list)R1000(USED)
    Tow bar, no ballR150(USED)
    Trim, rubber side mountingR20(USED)
    Window regulator (winding mechanism)R70(USED)
    Window regulator (winding mechanism)R270(NEW)
    Windscreen - SABS approved, tinted with black surroundR900(NEW)
    Windscreen rubberR750(NEW)
    Windscreen wiper arm, frontR20(USED)
    Windscreen wiper arm, rearR30(USED)
    Windscreen wiper blades, BritpartR25(NEW)
    Windscreen wiper mechanism, front, no motorR50(USED)
    Windscreen wiper motor, front, no mechanismR50(USED)
    Windscreen wiper motor, rear, no mechanismR100(USED)
    Windscreen wiper motor, rear, with spiral driveR200(USED)

    Fuse box cover, earlyR20(USED)
    Ignition switch with two keysR450(NEW)
    Relays, laterR20(USED)
    Sender unit fuel tank (PRC 4510)R300(NEW)
    Starter motorR2000(NEW)
    Switch, combination indicator, dip and beam (PCR2956)R250(NEW)
    Switch, variousR20(USED)
    Switch, wiperR70(USED)

    Accelerator cableR70(NEW)
    Air filter (605191)R35(NEW)
    Air filter box, 3.5 litre, early (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY)R500(USED)
    Clutch kit, (LT95 4-speed g-box)R1950(NEW)
    Crankshaft pulley (3.5l)R500(USED)
    Engine and gearbox mountings, Britpart (STC434)R35(NEW)
    Engine, V8 3.5l, complete (when available)R7000(USED)
    Engine, V8, rocker shaftR100(USED)
    Exhaust manifoldsR200(USED)
    Fan, early (when available)R350(NEW)
    Heater pipes, BritpartR35(NEW)
    Hi-Low knob, laterR10(NEW)
    Manifold, intake, standardR250(USED)
    Oil filter ERR3340M (Mahle)R60(NEW)
    Radiator, with damaged coreR100(USED)
    Speedo cable (579165)R95(NEW)
    Sump gasket, BritpartR20(NEW)
    Viscious coupling - engine (SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY)R2000(NEW)
    Viscous for engine fanR1100(NEW)
    Water pump 3.9lR750(NEW)

    Plastic trim, black, ’B’ pillarR40(NEW)
    Plastic trim, black, ’C’ pillarR80(NEW)
    Plastic trim, black, footwell mouldingR80(NEW)
    Plastic trim, black, seatbox mouldingR80(NEW)
    Seat belt, front R50(USED)
    Seat, front, upholstery poorR100(USED)
    Seat, rear, upholstery poorR100(USED)
    Sliding window catch, genuineR180(NEW)
    Window winder handle, early (MRC 9390)R40(NEW)

    Airconditioner, compressorR300(USED)
    Airconditioner, interior evaporator / fan unitR100(USED)
    Tow ballR30(USED)
    Wheel spanner, heavy duty, 27mmR100(NEW)

    Drag linkagesR50(USED)
    Power steering box (when available)R2000(USED)
    Power steering box seal kitR350(NEW)
    Reservoir and pipesR100(USED)
    Steering columnR100(USED)
    Tie-rod ends O.E.M.R190(NEW)